Sofa Stenley

  • Length: 2630
  • Width: 1140
  • Sleeper length: 2030
  • Sleeper width: 1500
Main materials of the product: 
  • Spring unit «"Pocket Spring"»
  • pine beam
  • Chipboard (Е1)
  • Fiberboard (Е1)
  • Foamed polyurethane of the ST 25-38 mark
  • Flizelin
  • Sintepon
  • Fabric
  • Medium and small pillow fillings:
    Filiber (siliconized granules)
  • Laundry box:
  •  Laminated chipboard (Е1)
  •  Laminated fiberboard (Е1)
  • Laundry box made of laminated chipboard
Maximum allowable non-concentrated loads:
-  maximum load per seat, and when transformed per seat should not exceed 95 kg.
If the expected load is higher, then the product must be strengthened. It should be coordinated with the manufacturer.
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