Corner sofa Munchen

  • Length: 2650
  • Width: 1620
  • Sleeper length: 2100
  • Sleeper width: 1530
Main materials of the product: 
Seat: pine timber, chipboard (E1), plywood (E1), "snake", felt, polyurethane foam HS 30-30, sintepon
Back: pine timber, plywood (E1), zig-zag spring, felt, HS 30-30 polyurethane foam, synthetic winterizer
Laundry box: laminated chipboard (E1), pine timber.
Sidewall: plywood (E1), chipboard (E1), pine bar, polyurethane foam ST 25-38.
Back cushions: granulated synthetic fluff "filfiber".
Maximum allowable non-concentrated loads:
-  maximum load per seat, and when transformed per seat should not exceed 95 kg.
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